Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Every Day Life

top: dress worn as top via shopbop (similar here) // shorts: similar here // bag: vintage chanel (loving this one) // shoes: zara (similar here) // sunnies: prada (similar here)
photos by common dove photography

This is me in my every day life…..usually my days are spent trekking through the woods… the park…..or down on the dock checking crab pots and spider webs. Have I always seen myself working a full time job in the fashion industry that required heels and pencil skirts every day…..yes…… but in actuality having been a stay at home mom to a crazy dirt loving little boy for the past 3 years has made me appreciate the fact that I don't have to work in an office environment to let my personal style come through. So…..moms in your yoga pants….no offense but take note :)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Where the Green Grass Grows

leather romper: shopbop (similar here) // boots: schutz (similar here) // sunnies: ray ban (here)
photos by common dove photography

Yes, that's me, romping through a field in leather overalls and 4 inch gladiator boots…..and now it feels like the perfect time to preface this outfit by explaining what's going on in my life at the moment…..

About a month ago my husband and I separated and our 3 year old son and I moved down to my hometown on the coast. This happened just as my parents were packing up to move to a different state……and everything changed very rapidly.

Obviously major life changes like going through a divorce and moving from your home of 4 years are tough…..and I'm sure you guys have been noticing my grieving process through the blog. But I will say this much…..I never thought I would be happy living back in my hometown… fact, the thought of small town life used to depress me. However……for the past month everything has been incredibly surreal….and being back here has been rather therapeutic.

Being around people who have known me most of my life has made me remember what's important. Sometimes, going back to your roots allows you to wipe the slate clean.

So back to this outfit….I actually wore this while in New York for Fashion Week a couple of weeks ago but I loved the juxtaposition of wearing it back home……its a spot on metaphor for my life: 4 inch heels in a field…..being all dressed up with nowhere to go…..and that's ok with me…..because that's how I've been my whole life and those that love me know that's never going to change. So right now "I'm gona live where the green grass grows……"

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Feels Like Home

dress: vintage (similar here) // shirt: sara (similar here) // shoes: schutz (available here) // sunnies: prada (similar here)
photos by common dove photography

Not that my previous city of residence had crazy big city amenities…..but I'll be honest…..I miss Whole Foods and Trader Joes…..the closest Starbucks is 30 minutes away…..and I would kill for my favorite French restaurant. But oddly enough….I would gladly give up all of that to be able to walk out the front door and smell the ocean…..or run into a familiar face at the only Walmart in the county. Because, right now, this is what I need…..and it feels like coming home.