Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Why Don't You....

tee: old, loving this one // leather skirt: vintage (similar here) // shoes: zara (similar here) // sunnies: prada (similar here 

Long story but I'll try to make it mom's car has been in the shop this week and I've been taking and picking her up from work... after the third day of her having to listen to my random babbling about ancient towers off of the Amalfi coast and about the debate between when the term "bohemian" came about during the French Revolution or during the English Industrial Revolution....she stopped my yesterday and said I have never seen anyone become so alive when talking about history.......

This got me thinking....when I went off to college I actually was a history major for the first two years (sidenote this Zeppelin tee is from my freshman year 8 years ago)....obviously I didn't stick with it. But lately I've been reading multiple books about history at a time...including cookbooks about how the recipes came to be and its bringing me so much joy. Sooooo I've decided to add some of that to the blog. I'm going to be posting my original clean eating recipes and little tidbits about them and I'm also going to start a little travel section........

So today, why don't you do something that brings you joy?

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Monday, July 21, 2014

L' Esprit de la Mer…Spirit of the Sea

top: amie's la vie  (similar here)// skirt: for love and lemons (available here) // kimono: for love and lemons (available here)// shoes: schutz (available here) // bag: loeffler randall (similar here)
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Friday, July 18, 2014

Heads Carolina, Tails California

top: for love and lemons (here) // skirt: vintage // bag: balenciaga // shoes: isabel marant (sorry not no links today my parents computer is ancient and my shopstyle program isn't working :(
photos by common dove photography
As I mentioned on Wednesday I'm still going through a serious case of wanderlust.....however, an unexpected twist has made me think about what's already in front of me. A reader sent me this Ralph Waldo Emerson quote...."The real voyage consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes".
Now, I have always thought that my hometown and the surrounding areas were "pretty".....but it wasn't until I had my son and started bringing him back that I realized eastern North Carolina and the mountains in Western North Carolina for that matter are breath taking. The ocean breezes bring a permanent smell of salt to the air (that I miss so much when not here) and when I walk down the Beaufort boardwalk memories of having a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone EVERY Sunday from the General Store flood my mind.
So get out........explore where you live......right now......not where you want to day you may be lucky enough to travel (and I hope that you are!) but for now......New eyes are just as good as a new location.